In 1991 three women who share a love of dogs and a desire to be of service to the community gave rise to The Kennel Club of Fort Atkinson (KCFA) in the least likely of places. The three, along with their dogs, met every week during that summer and fall in a downtown parking lot to work their dogs in preparation for showing. The women found they appreciated the support they received from each other and the benefit of sharing their enthusiasm about dogs. As a result, they formed the KCFA in 1992.

In the ensuing months others with similar interests joined. The group moved its meetings to larger and varied quarters including one member’s garage, the Municipal Building, Norland Corporation manufacturing space, and the Hebron Community Center. For many years, training classes and meetings were held at the old Thomas Industries building on Oak Street, just off North Main Street.  That facility was heavily damaged by a fire, and the kennel club is currently holding classes at alternate locations.

Since the KCFA was founded, it has worked hard to create classes and activities for dog-loving members of the community. In addition to strengthening the human-canine bond, the KCFA has expanded its service to the community. Members have also managed to have a lot of fun along the way!