Therapy Dogs

Blackhawk Therapy Animals is currently inactive.  However, several KCFA members with therapy dogs are active in the Bark River Therapy Dogs group.  Bark River Therapy Dogs serve many local and area schools, preschools, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, etc.  Certified therapy dog teams are encouraged to link up with that group, as demand for therapy visits continues to increase.

If interested, call KCFA at 920-568-0364 and leave your contact information with a request for a member of Bark River Therapy Dogs to contact you.

Therapy Dog Certification

Several organizations certify dog-handler therapy teams.  Some provide additional benefits, such as a magazine or liability insurance for therapy visits.  A few are listed below.  Check out their websites or email them for further information:

Alliance of Therapy Dogs (previously TDInc.)
P.O. Box 20227
Cheyenne, WY  82003

There are several Alliance of Therapy Dogs evaluators (for Therapy Dog certification)  in our general area.  Check the ATD website for a list of the nearest evaluators.

Therapy Dogs International
88 Bartley Rd.
Flanders, NJ  07836

Pet Partners (previously Delta Society)
345  118th Ave. SE #200
Bellevue, WA  98005

Intermountain Therapy Animals
4050 S. 2700 E.  (or P.O. Box 17201)
Salt Lake City, UT  84117

Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs (Golden Retrievers only)
80 Powder Mill Rd.
Morris Plains, NJ  07950


The Blackhawk Therapy Animals (BTA) (currently inactive)  program consists of a group of individuals who, with their dogs, enjoy serving the community. The mission of the BTA is to provide well-trained, affectionate, and obedient dogs to make therapeutic contacts with the elderly, disabled, and young.

The goals of the BTA program are to serve people and to assist organizations such as libraries, schools, preschools, nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices.

To participate in the program, therapy dogs must be certified, show true affection for people, be obedient, be well trained, and have a consistent temperament.